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About Angry Bird Game

angry birds game

Angry birds is a game that has changed the face of smartphone games. First developed by Rovio Entertainment in December of 2009, it has since evolved into so much more. There are now more new versions of Angry Birds and still sets his name is the best games of all times, with some of the best being Angry Birds: Rio!, Angry Birds: Star Wars, and Angry Birds: Seasons.

Angry Birds Games designed for cross-platform including Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, and even PC and consoles! Of course, one has to install the game on their device to enjoy playing it.

The basic premise of the game: To hurl some birds at pigs. That's it. Now, there's a whole backstory as to why the birds are doing this, like the Pigs stealing the eggs and the birds going to get them back and taking revenge on the pigs, but you can play the game to know more about this. There are many characters in the game, including the Red bird, the Black "Bomb" bird which explodes when you tap the screen, the White bird, and of course, the mighty Eagle. The mighty eagle has to be earned in-game, and it basically destroys all the pigs if you throw it just right. Talk about finishing a level quickly!

There are many theme based angry birds games too. For example, in Space, you have to hurl birds by taking into account the massively reduced gravity factor there. In Rio, there are lots of Brazil themed objects that make the game fun to play. Give it a "W-hurl"!

The spin-offs of angry birds are pretty fun too. One thing in particular which is really fun is Bad Piggies. In this game, the player has to build vehicles for the pigs so the pigs can reach their destination without breaking. We shall be adding some of these on our website very soon, so stay tuned for more!

It's Is Very Popular game kids and aged everyone love to play angry bird have many version some version is for online play without any login but most version is for Mobile user's and it's not free. Ever since it first entered the market, there have been several versions of Angry Birds' games. Angry Birds is pretty cool on Android devices.

AngryBirds is a really unique gaming phenomenon. It was such a big success in mobile gaming, that we decided to offer true fans the possibility to play Angry Birds online! Join the funny looking AngryBirds characters in their attempt to defeat their pig enemies. You will surely have a great time playing these addictive Angry Birds games and other catapult games that will keep you hooked for hours in front of your PC! Let the fun begin and may the best bird win!

You can also play angry birds on PC and download angry birds game for free.

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ABG stands for AngryBirdGame and is the free portal where you can play all the angry birds games in your browser for free.